MAI Counseling Services in Lebanon, TN

​​​​​Jennifer Reeves, Licensed Professional Counselor


Call to schedule an appointment today * 615-969-7066

Supervision and/or Intern Openings


  • I have immediate openings for LPC-MHSP supervision for either individual or dyadic. Supervision can be either primary or supplemental (if you already have a primary supervisor).

  • An internship can be discussed while receiving supervision. Please contact me and we can discuss opportunities. 


Individual/Dyadic supervision:

  • Meeting times – Contact me and we will discuss scheduling needs.  

  • Frequency –  This can range from once per week to once per month depending upon the supervisee's needs and situation.



  • Supervision meetings will be held at my office, 115 East Main St C2 Lebanon, TN 37087.


  • If you would like to discuss supervision and/or intern possibilities – please email me at or text me at 615-969-7066.



  • Individual (60 min.) meetings – $100 
  • Dyadic (90 min.) meetings –  $60 per supervisee
  • Group (90 min.) – $50 per supervisee 
  • Internship in exchange for supervision rates to be discussed 


If you have questions, email: or text me at 615-969-7066.