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Therapy is hard work and you deserve a therapist who will understand and celebrate that with you. I believe every client is unique; and appreciate the trust my clients have in choosing to partner with me for this phase in their journey. I strongly believe that we all need help sometimes in becoming our best self and I strive to erase the stigma in asking for that help. My hope is that your therapy journey will be a time of growth, empowerment, discovery, and personal clarity.

Many things hold us back from reaching our full potential, and those are usually rooted in painful memories or negative beliefs about ourselves. My goal is to help you identify and reshape those memories and beliefs that have been holding you back.

I use a combination of evidence-based therapies in a trauma-informed practice. I want to help you address your past so that it stops interfering with your present. Through this journey, I wish for all of my clients to have better and brighter futures. Thank you for choosing me.

​​​​​Jennifer Reeves, Licensed Professional Counselor

​Kristi Ward, Licensed Professional Counselor